Who Is Having A Footwear Issue?

June 26th, 2006 // 10 Comments

Find out who is, after the jump.

(Photos courtesy of x17online.com)

Why it’s Eva Mendes. Try to reel that pinky toe in sweetie.

(Photos courtesy of x17online.com)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Martha Stewart

    Beautiful woman, nasty toe issue.

  2. Miriam Webster

    “Trying a reel that pinky toe in sweetie”?

    You no write too good

  3. ShoeSlut

    Sorry — no can do… Can’t say “beautiful woman”. She reminds me of Michelle Rodriguez in that manly sense… I had this argument with my friend about her attractiveness and she finds her beautiful, so I get that people find her attractive, but I just don’t see it. Sorry, Eva!

  4. C

    ShoeSlut, I agree with you now that she has cut her hair. She has really strong features and a strong jaw. She does not benefit from this new look. And you’d think that she would feel her toe peaking out, looks like it hurt.

  5. Fabiola

    yeah, she’s a little on the butch side…

  6. yomomma!

    shoeslut and the rest of u…i have one thing to say! STOP HATTING! just cause ur ugly does’nt mean u have to hate on beautiful woman. hatting bitches!

  7. drone25

    “hatting” ha ha, there are no hats involved at all!

  8. hoity

    “hatting” ha ha, there are no hats involved!

  9. stupidsexyflanders

    she’s a man baby…

  10. mofatt


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