Who Is George Clooney Sleeping With?

February 22nd, 2006 // 15 Comments

Renee Zellweger? Lucy Liu? Teri Hatcher? Well, it’s not Lucy Liu.

Actress Lucy Liu has laughed off rumours she enjoyed a fling with Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney in Miami, insisting she has never even been to the Florida hotspot. She says, “I’ve heard Miami’s great, but I’ve never been there. And I’ve never been to a nightclub called Bed. “And if I was out with George, I’d never be making out with him in public.

“I’d make out with somebody else in public, but not George.”

Mmm. If not George Clooney, then who would she make out in public with? I’d bet Steve-O would be up for it. While Lucy may or may not be kissing George Clooney, it looks as if Renee Zellwegger may have returned to Clooney for some action.

George Clooney and Renée Zellweger were spotted looking cosy at a post Bafta party – sparking rumours they may rekindle their romance. The Hollywood stars, who dated several years ago, spent the evening chatting and drinking cocktails at Clooney’s aftershow bash at London’s swanky Dorchester Hotel.

At the end of the night, the pair disappeared down a hallway with a bottle of champagne, according to reports.

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(Image via NYT)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Small Fry

    Renee Zellweger bugs me. She’s so whiney and melodramatic. Teri Hatcher bugs me more though. She seems like such an ungrateful, mean and jealous beast.

  2. fallgirl29

    i’m as ugly as renee scallwagger and teri hatcher..how come i cant f*** george clooney….

  3. Blindqueen

    I’m next George!!

  4. Lola

    Ok, I love George as much as the next girl but can someone tell me why he has vampire eyes? He looks freaky in this pic.
    He is such a player, hope RZ knows she is not long term.

  5. ThrillKill


    That’s his picture from the NYT Great Perfomers article a bit down the page (the one with Reece Witherspoon with stars all over her neck). The photogs did interesting/odd tattoos, modifications, and wardrobe to all of them.

    It does look like he should be sporting a pair of snake-like hypodermic-hollow fangs while ‘Union of the Snake’thumps in the background.

  6. DJ

    All I know is that it isn’t me and I wish like hell it was!

  7. BlazerMary

    Renee, I knew you could do better than that midget, bald, ego-centric, sexually ambiguous country singer.

  8. KittyLiterati

    George dating Renee Zellweger is like being married to Emeril but eating from a dumpster.

  9. Anni

    Wait a minute, I thought George was gay and is in love with Brad Pitt. Isnt he the new Rock Hudson of Hollywood? Just a guess.

  10. George Clooney's Ho

    He’s sleeping with me!!!!!!!!! I wish. The man is superfine!

  11. Audacte

    (First, forgive me everyone because I don’t know how to make paragraphs) ******** Years ago, Michael Douglas was married to a woman, Dianne (I think) who also happened to be a recognized curator for the Met. I was impressed because I thought it showed some depth to him. I always imagined George Clooney being with someone, not in acting, who had merit on their own – - like Michael Douglas once was. Truthfully, I imagined someone European given his love of the Lake Cumo area. ************* Renee Z has about as much personality as a used brillo pad. After watching some of the best actors being interviewed, I have come to the conclusion that most of the truly great actors and actresses have no personality. That is how/why they are so good at absorbing the characters they play. But, Renee’s voice, mannerisms and that weird thing she does with her lips when talking would drive me up the wall! However, they both seem very private by nature so, who knows. (Yes, she earned crazy points for that bizarre marriage.) Finally… it would be too sad for words if GC turned out to be batting for the other side. But, boy if he is… he has really kept that side hidden.

  12. Audacte

    Post Script: He is at the top of my list of “Which famous actor would you like to spend a week-end with?” I think he is probably not only very intelligent, extremely funny but very charming. Yes, yes, eye candy and other “aspects” completely implied.

  13. George Proposed to me

    Here is an interesting point: Most posts have heavy debates yet when you come to discuss a George Clooney post , it seems everyone agrees the man is gorgeous. It is hard to find any posters who would come on to state otherwise.

    Testament to his amazing good lucks. He is dashing.

  14. Sparrow

    He’s sleeping with Jon Stewart. And I wrote this BEFORE the Academy Awards show. Just remember that!

  15. mandana

    I love to be next woman I think I am old enough for him .28years old

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