Who Has Happy Knees?

July 26th, 2005 // 12 Comments

Find out after the jump.

(Images via Junk Feud)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kaitlin

    I still don’t know who that is

  2. lizzz

    add a fro and 30lbs, you might be able to tell-

    Jack osborne

  3. kroz

    wow! Lookin good Jack!

  4. doofus

    I heard that he does this because his Dad used to do it…before a show or something?…

    anyway, I give him credit for shaping up the hard way…diet and exercise. Apparently, he’s become quite a good kickboxer, and has dethroned some champion over in Thailand.

  5. Cynthia

    Why is he exercising? Isn’t the Holywood way to weight loss the starvation thing?!?
    (Good for him for doing it the right way!)

  6. A Boy and His Dog

    I just figured it was the Heroin diet.
    He still looks like a Hobbit to me.

  7. How the hell does Jack Get the ladies?

  8. Shani

    wow, I am very impressed with his transformation. Very very impressed.

  9. Serendipity

    Doesn’t Ozzy have the same tattoo?

  10. Steve

    Atta boy Jack. Man he looks great. Well, at least compared to what he was before.

  11. Simon

    Looks like Jack got the same tattoos Ozzy got while he was in jail. I know there is another Jail tattoo Ozzy has but it has escaped my mind.

  12. Andy W

    Now if only his FAT ASS sister would get on the same diet plan. He’s still ugly though.

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