Who Has A Nose-Candy Problem?

July 25th, 2005 // 13 Comments

The Gatecrasher brings us these goodies.

Which handsome actor has been squiring a young Asian beauty who is not the older wife he married before making it big?

Which young actress with a nasty nose-candy problem has conned her publicist into picking up packages from her dealer?

Plus a few more from Page Six.

WHICH newly humiliated actress is not so innocent herself? We hear that while visiting her cheating man on a movie set, she hooked up with his married co-star during an all-night cocaine binge . . .

WHICH swanky Upper East Side clothier’s pretty blond girlfriend has a secret past — as a hard-core porn star? . . .

WHICH closeted TV personality is so desperate to appear straight, he tips off the paparazzi whenever he is meeting an attractive woman? . . .

WHICH randy restaurateur has a naughty little habit of taking nude pictures of his carnal conquests — and then showing them to his staff?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Trisha

    My guess for the first tidbit is Hugh Jackman

    My second guess is Lindsay Lohan, although I still don’t necessarily think she is as big a partier as she is portrayed.

  2. Dorothy

    My guess for the first is Ralph Fiennes.

  3. jennifer anniston hooked up with george clooney? woo

  4. oh wait, he’s not married

  5. betsy

    What married men is Jude Law filming with right now? Sienna definitely fits the bill for the first item from page six!!

  6. CityKitty

    Um, wasn’t Sean Penn making a big deal about filming w/ Jude at the Oscars?

  7. I think the nose candy girl is Lindsay Lohan and the newly humiliated actress is Siena Miller.

  8. v00deux

    the TV personality has got to be Seacrest.

  9. quirky

    What is this the 80′s? coke is making a comeback, not that it ever went away.

  10. In_the_know

    1. Ashton Kutcher
    2. Lindsay Lohan
    3. Sienna Miller (notorius cokehead)
    4. ?
    5. Ryan Seacrest
    6. Rocco

  11. chrissy

    Ashton and Demi are not married, so it can’t be him for #1. I agree that #3 is Sienna Miller. And Lindsay getting coke through her publicist – oh yea, I’ve read that before – on set in Minn-St. Paul!

  12. 1. Clive Owen?
    2. Dakota Fanning? (just kidding) Nicole Richie
    3. Sienna and Sean Penn sounds about right
    4. who cares?
    5. Ryan Seacrest
    6. who cares?

  13. 1) eh- toughie. ‘squiring a young Asian beauty got me’…argh. Colin? Colin Farrell, is that you? Naw, not married. Not Clooney. Handsome and newly-famous. Dammit, now I wanna know.
    2) Hohan
    3) Definitely Sienna Miller. [that was a gimme]
    4) I’m too poor to afford fashion or porn right now.
    5) Ryan Seacrest
    6) just a guess– Rocco from The Restaurant?

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