Who Has A Nose-Candy Problem?

The Gatecrasher brings us these goodies.

Which handsome actor has been squiring a young Asian beauty who is not the older wife he married before making it big?

Which young actress with a nasty nose-candy problem has conned her publicist into picking up packages from her dealer?

Plus a few more from Page Six.

WHICH newly humiliated actress is not so innocent herself? We hear that while visiting her cheating man on a movie set, she hooked up with his married co-star during an all-night cocaine binge . . .

WHICH swanky Upper East Side clothier’s pretty blond girlfriend has a secret past — as a hard-core porn star? . . .

WHICH closeted TV personality is so desperate to appear straight, he tips off the paparazzi whenever he is meeting an attractive woman? . . .

WHICH randy restaurateur has a naughty little habit of taking nude pictures of his carnal conquests — and then showing them to his staff?

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