Who Gets Married In Georgia? Carrie Underwood, Y’all!

Country superstar Carrie Underwood married her Canadian hockey stud Mike Fisher this weekend in glamorous Greensboro, Georgia, at the Ritz-Carlton lodge.

According to Joanne Chianello of The Ottowa Citizen, security around the place was airtight and part of the wedding will supposedly take place on the shore of Lake Oconee, a reservoir created from a dam built in 1979.

But, as she writes, a half-million dollar wedding can buy you that kind of protection in Georgia. Underwood and Fisher booked the entire 250-room resort for the weekend and will be staying in the three-storey ‘Presidential House’ for a cool $4,000-a-night.

Yipe! Well, good on them. Here are some pictures of the couple from a charity baseball event earlier this week and them together at the Grammys earlier this year!