Who Ever Said Labels Were Misleading?

March 17th, 2006 // 43 Comments

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. doofus


    what company is this? I’m going to start supporting them in a big way!

  2. Girly Girl

    Hilarious…. I love it.

    God, I miss Clinton…

  3. tia

    Thats really cool LOL !!!

  4. Serenity

    that is sooo funny if thats true!

  5. deny everything!

    LOL that is truly funny. I miss the Clinton days where oral sex was in every headline…

  6. justMe

    haha! that just made me laugh out loud! thnx for postin!

  7. ceekay

    This is SO old! How have you not seen it yet?

  8. AnastasiaBeaverhausen

    So clever from a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys.

    Remember, there are trees on the Champs Elysee so Hitler could walk in the shade.

  9. meep

    no offense you guys, it’s awesome, but this is several years old.

  10. Bees

    To Dumbass #8 – The tag is from an American company. Real on-point comment. Bet you’re going to kill on the SAT verbal. Why don’t you go munch on some freedom fries, which are Belgian in orgin by the way. Also, ever heard of a little thing called the American Revolution? Your forefathers didn’t seem to mind cheese, so what’s your problem?

    Once and for all, for all you non-US readers, you don’t hate Americans, you hate Republicans because they make comments that try to be offensive but just reiterates how stupid they are. Oh, and they love Bush.

    Where are those WMDs again?

  11. Small Fry

    To Bees, chill the fuck out. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, you included. I have never heard a more immature comment regarding political viewpoints. Grow the fuck up.

  12. Bees

    Small Fry – Take your own advice.

  13. Small Fry

    Ouch that hurts, boo hoo. I’m rubber, you’re glue……Fuck you.

  14. Common Sense

    *Standing O* for Bees. tell ‘em!!

  15. Common Sense

    oh and for the record, u’re not clever Small Fry.

  16. booklvy

    Everyone must be entitled to their own opinion as long as it’s an off subject, critical French name calling comment? Or as long as it doesn’t clarify anti-American sentiment with anti-Republican sentiment? I for one have had a lot of trouble traveling abroad -South and Central America and Europe- due to that usurper in the White House. Don’t get me wrong, I love this country, but I don’t love Americans who alienate or insult other countries or cultures and call it patriotic.

  17. Bees

    Hey Small Fry – That’s almost a haiku! Try again.

  18. Small Fry

    Point well made and taken, but I never said I agreed with Anastasia’s opinion or comment about the French. Why would I insult my own heritage?

    I was extremely frustrated with Bee’s comment about non US readers hating Republicans. I felt it was unneccesary to the point he/she was trying to make. Is taking a cheap shot at your President and fellow American’s while addressing “non US readers” patriotic? Frankly, I’m just tired of hearing it.

  19. HaHaKid

    Comment #13 is from someone who values mature political commentary? It’s PeeWee’s Playhouse meets Fox News.

  20. anon

    Oh come on! I just want to know where to buy something with this label!

  21. Little Mickey

    Small Fry, Bees might not have said it very eloquently, but he/she has a valid point.

    I get “extremely frustrated” when Republicans accuse people of being ‘unpatriotic America haters’ if they question the way our government is conducting this ludicrous “War on Terror”.

  22. lalala

    To all who care. It’s a small Seattle bag company, Tom Bihn. They make awesome bags, love them. It started as a joke against the president of the company, not Bush. They even made a t-shit of the label thing, here’s a link to the shirt http://www.tombihn.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=TB1112&Category_Code=TS .

    Please people, learn not to get your panties in a twist as fast as you do! The label was a joke!!

  23. lalala

    Whoops! That was supposed to be t-shirt, not t-shit. Better preview next time!!

    PS, there is a little commentary on the t-shirt link about how the label came to be.

  24. Jen

    Bees, you are my hero and I love you. Thank you for making sense.

  25. ClintonBombedToDeflectAttnFromHisB.J.

    Liberals are such whining crybabies – they have much in common with the French.

    No wonder the Dems they can’t win elections, ROFL.

  26. i

    As a Canadian, I’d like to say that the general sentiment from the rest of the world (ie. the news you guys don’t watch ..or most likely can’t) is that the current reign of the Republicans is the worst thing to happen to the US in ages. And personally, I find it frightening how much the branch of “National Security” resembles the “Ministry of Love” from Orwell’s 1984.

  27. Stormy70

    As a Canadian, are you enjoying your new conservative government? Seems like People are beginning to hate the left a little more up there. Just like here in the US. Whiners.

  28. Monica

    lalala: hehehe!

    calm down everyone. keep this up and Miu will go back to logging in to comment.

  29. As a french guy, I love this kind of humour. And I agree with the label.

  30. noa

    And it’s so true tooo!!!!!!!!
    Help I’m stuck in paris, somebody help me flee!!!

  31. General Rockjaw

    Dadgummit, if I was running this war, it would be over by now. The result: the world’s largest sand box.

  32. Maya

    Umm noa- “flee from Paris” ?! Anyone would be lucky to live in, let alone visit, that beautiful city.

  33. Jana

    One opinion from Germany:
    I don’ t hate republicans, Americans or Bush. But I do think that starting this war was absolutely not the right thing to do. The American government didn’t have the right to go in that country and start this war. No right! And saying they did it to rescue these people is bull shit. It’s all about money and oil and not about people’s lifes!!!

  34. stevey43

    If it was all about oil, why does the Iraqi oil ministry control all of Iraq’s oil? Hey Jana, It’s funny to hear Germans talk about how it’s wrong to invade other countries. Paging Mr. Hitler. Mr. Hitler please pick up the red courtesy phone. I am still amazed that people are so eager to share their ignorance by repeating these tired platitudes. War is bad. Peace is good. No shit. However, peace on Hitler’s terms and Saddam’s terms is bad. This means that evil has won or good has appeased evil. Wouldn’t it have been great if we had peace instead of World War 2? We could have had peace if we ignored Hitler. Is this the peace that you morons want. Peace on dictators terms? Let’s review. Islamic barbarians murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11. These same Islamic barbarians actively explain their desire to murder as many Americans as possible including using WMD’s. Saddam Hussein had WMD’s. He used them on his own people. As a result of the cease fire agreement of the first Gulf War, Saddam was required to show the world that he had destroyed his stockpiles of WMD. The U.N. passes 17, yes 17, resolutions threatening Saddam if he does not show that he has destroyed his WMD. Over the course of more than a decade, Saddam thumbs his nose at the U.N. and defies the 17 resolutions and in addition fires on American and British aircraft patrolling the U.N. mandated no fly zones. This all coincides with the corrupt U.N. Oil for Food program where Saddam was bribing French, Russian and UN officials so that he could steal money intended for feeding his people. Saddam used this money to build more palaces, torture chambers, weapons, rape rooms, children’s prisons, etc. All throughout and up until the coalition invasion in 2003, the U.N., Russia, Britain, France, Germany, friends and foes alike, all stated that Saddam had WMD. In addition, Saddam and his murderous crime family were providing shelter in Iraq to Abu Abbas, Abu Nidal and Al Zarqawi, 3 of the most murderous terrorists in history and I may add, murderers of Americans. Now, after 9/11, an intelligent person could very easily piece together the threat posed by this scenario. Islamic terrorists murder 3,000 Americans on 9/11 and state their aim to use WMD to kill many more Americans. Well, Iraq had WMD and has not proved to the world that they have destroyed them. In fact, Iraq has ignored 17 U.N resolutions concerning their WMD over more than a decade. Iraq also has been paying the families of Palestinian suicide bombers and has been sheltering 3 of the world’s most notorious terrorists so obviously Iraq has ties to terrorism. Now what if Iraq used it’s ties to Islamic terrorists to provide it’s WMD to Al-Qaeda or some other splinter group to use them in the U. S.? That would be catastrophic. Now knowing this, a President could either do nothing and hope for the best, which was the Clinton approach to multiple Islamic terrorist attacks against the U.S. in the 1990′s. Or he could make a different calculation. One in which he would say- well we know Al-Qaeda wants to hit us again and in an even more devastating manner than on 9/11 and they hope to do this using WMD. Well, we know Saddam had WMD and according to the U.N. and every other major intelligence agency, he still does. And after more than a decade of laughing at the U.N. and it’s resolutions, Saddam has not shown that he has disarmed and certainly acts like he has WMD by actively working to deceive the U.N. weapons inspectors. Now take these facts and join them with the fact that Saddam is funding terrorism in Palestine and is providing shelter in Baghdad to 3 of the world’s most notorious terrorists. So everyone thinks he has WMD and he has links to terrorists. That is a really bad combination that could lead to the utter devastation of entire U.S. cities. A reasonable person would conclude that Saddam had to go. However, a more reasonable person, would give Saddam one last opportunity to prove he had no WWD before removing him. And that is precisely what President Bush did. He went to the U.N. for one last time. And Saddam yet again did not comply with the U.N. resolutions. So here we are. So when you hear immature people repeat these silly slogans like “Where are the WMD’s” you now have some insight as to the background on the WMD issue and indeed how moronic these slogans are. The world is a dangerous place and always has been and leaders throughout history have had to make difficult decisions concerning matters such as war and peace. History is the judge of these decisions and the verdict does not come for decades after the wars are over. Most agree that World War 2 was worth the huge effort. Most argue that Vietnam was not. In fact, the average monthly U.S. casualty rate from Vietnam is greater than our entire casualty rate from our entire 3 years in Iraq. And the verdict of the Iraq war will come decades from now when the results of our efforts are clear. However, these uneducated infantile slogans that are meant to demean Bush are unserious cheap political attacks when you view them against the facts that pre-date the war and the environment in which the decision to go to war was made. In fact, the people who parrot these slogans are completely uneducated about the circumstances and details of the Iraq situation prior to the 2003 invasion. They just know they don’t like Bush because their professor told them so or their friend told them so. These are unserious people who live in a serious time. I wish this world was one shiny happy place where we could all have peace and hold hands and sing songs. And that war could be avoided just by telling your neighbor that you like him and let’s be friends. But the world has never been like that and it never will be. There will always be evil in the world and we can either choose to confront it or submit to it. Our fathers and grandfathers chose to confront it in World War 2 and our generation is choosing to confront the Bin Laden’s and Hussein’s today. It is either peace on our terms or on theirs. I choose peace on ours, because the Bin Laden’s of the world want you dead because you do not share his religious beliefs and no amount of good will or immature happy talk or peace signs on your part will change that fact. So grow up. Please.

  35. Jana

    Germany has changed a lot in the last 15 years. We had to. Two complete different parts of Germany became one country and we are struggling ever since to become one nation. We are less patriotic than the US is. We aren’t one nation yet and we won’t be soon. I agree that WW2 was the most terrible and inhumane thing I could possibly imagine and nothing like that should ever exist again. Never again!!! I’m glad that Germany decided not to join the war in Iraq.

  36. Maggie

    Stevey43: A well-informed, competently reasoned, thoughtful response–you are truly a voice in the wilderness. It’s good to see someone who reads beyond the headlines. I think I love you…

  37. Bradley Woods

    Thanks Stevey for the great post. Although you forgot to mention Clinton turning his back on Rwanda while he’s getting his dick sucked in the White House. I know Bush is not perfect but it drives me nuts for people to think that Clinton was that much better. Whether our president is Republican or Democrat we should support him just the same. My two cents.

  38. kellirc

    Stevey43, thank you! I was just about to write and then I read what you wrote. The facts are what people need to know and that said it all.

  39. Brie

    Time for a pop quiz, ladies and gentlemen.

    Question #1: What countries most tried to block the removal of Saddam Hussein?

    Question #2: What countries got the most kickbacks from the oil-for-food scandal?

    Answer to pop quiz Question #1: France and Russia.

    Answer to pop quiz Question #2: France and Russia.

    Well, I’ll be darned! The countries that most tried to block the removal of Saddam also got the most kickbacks from the oil-for-food scandal! One more pop quiz question…

    Question #3: Who do the left want us most to get along with?

    Well, I’ll be damned, it’s the same two countries: France and Russia! Thank God for America and President Bush…:)

  40. Silasdog

    First of all, Stevie43, you smoked this blog like a smart-bomb. Bravo! I tip my hat to you. Bradley, you on the money, too. Now for some of you folks writing in from around the USA and around the world, let me give it to ya straight from the streets of the Big Apple: Somebody has to pay the price for 911! Someone has to answer for that blood. And don’t give me that crap about an illegal war, and we have no right to be in Iraq. Grow up, pick up a history book, and then try to develop a backbone. If you’re not steamed up at me yet, catch this: we’ve gone EASY on the Iraqi scum. They’re fortunate that the USA didn’t really cut loose on ‘em. Sorry folks, that’s my stand. Someone has to answer for that pain of 911. If you don’t like my opinion, guess what, I don’t give a damn. My advice for you is get Bill Clinton, Susan Sarandon, Alex Baldwin, gather in a circle, and sing Kum-By-Ah. See you at Ground Zero.

  41. Duh

    So how do you feel about the fact that it was the U.S. government who put Saddam in power? Uh oh…

  42. Brian

    Duh…after Stevie’s post, I see that your post is the next logical step in your leftist thought process. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Castro.

    Do you honestly think that anyone in America thinks it was a good idea to put Saddam Hussein in power? Obviously no, but your post wasn’t meant to have any logic – it was more for shock factor, wasnt it?

    Now since the United States made the mistake of putting Hussein in so many years ago, do we ignore the problem he has most definately become. Or do we remove the problem? That was the topic being discussed, and Stevie nailed it.

    The United States needs to stand up to these terrosrist threats, especially since so few of our allies are willing to help. Your precious Bill Clinton is part of the problem. His ignorance to terrorism in the 90′s only let the problem progress further. His leaving Somalia showed them they could get to us. It showed them the American public couldn’t stomach the loss of American troops at war, and would tuck tail and run when lives were lost. It’s called motivation duh, and Bill Clinton gave it to them.

  43. bud

    Sorry Stevey but what makes George’s style of peace any different from Hitler’s or Saddam’s. “However, peace on Hitler’s terms and Saddam’s terms is bad.”

    Don’t take offence but you were talking a lot about good and evil without considering the other side. Star Wars said it eloquently when they said “Luke, you will find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.”

    There are a lot of countries out there that HATE the US and blame them at least in part for hardships they may face. This is partly due to past foreing policy on the part of the States. Right or wrong as we may see it, these people will do what they see best to change the plight of their friends and families as I’m sure we all would. The problem is these people’s conviction will outlast any presidential term of office and will end up leaving a legacy of terror for years to come. I only hope that President Bush doesn’t believe everything he says or else Iran will be next before Iraq is even close to being over. The US cannot go to war with the whole world!

    PS The people of the Iraqi Oil Ministry are not dumb. They know who butters thier bread. Even though the US has no direct control over Iraqi oil I’m not naive enough to think they are not still pulling the strings or at least influencing the managment of the resources.

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