Who Cares About The Rape Scene? The Movie Sucks.

January 25th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Contact Music reports that Dakota Fanning’s rapey movie might not even get picked up at Sundance due to crap reviews.

The controversial movie Hounddog, which includes a fleeting scene in which a character played by 12-year-old actress Dakota Fanning is raped by a teenage boy, is not likely to attract a distributor at the Sundance Film Festival, FoxNews.com’s Roger Friedman observed Wednesday. “No one wants it after the terrible reviews,” one distributor told Friedman. In fact, reviews have been mixed and virtually none have been critical of the handling of the rape scene. “This is a fairly generic, pretentiously artsy coming-of-age movie set in late 1950s Alabama, where the clichés are thicker than the kudzu,” the New York Post’s Lou Lumenick commented in today’s (Thursday) editions. Todd McCarthy grumbled in Variety: “Aside from Fanning and the controversy, the film has nothing going for it commercially.” But writer-director Deborah Kampmeier told Entertainment Weekly that her lawyers have been negotiating with potential distributors. “Look,” she said, “some people are going to love this film, some people are going to hate it.”

Maybe it’s the fact that people are recognizing Dakota’s sorta….terrifying. Those big doll eyes and fifty-year-old personality. You know she says things to directors who piss her off like “I’m going to kill you now” and “I know where your children go to school and I can pretend to be one of them”.


By J. Harvey

  1. dmumsie

    Smoking gun has icky details and script. It was written by a uncaring perv for the shock. Nasty parents allowed their daughter to do this..? Ugh.


  2. Little scarry thing! I don’t know if I could watch the horror movie she’s in…It would freak my domesticated cooties under my armpit out….
    We all know how prone they are to commit suicide..

  3. Steven Mark Pilling

    Much as I hate to float rumors, I have it on good authority that Dakota’s undergone a severe personality change. Some who’ve been in recent contact with her describe her as sullen, bitter and arrogant. It’s also said that she no longer answers fan mail (something she was once noted for) or even when gifts are sent.

    If so, then it only follows what many feared since the story of “Hounddog” and it’s filmation broke. First comes the almost inevitable post traumatic stress brought on by a child enacting sexual situations with adult actors. Then comes the addition burden of being paraded out before reviewers to defend it(many of them hostile, something she’s never known before) and then the dawning realization that her fan base has evaporated and she’s no longer universally loved. Maybe there’s also an emerging realization that she’s been betrayed by the very adults that she looked to for guidance.

    What does something like that do to a child? Precedents exist… and they are NOT encouraging. That kid needs all the love and prayers that her supporters, past and present, can spare her.

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