Who Are The Hairless Hunks?

Who knew so many of today’s leading men are follicle impaired?

Could it be that a certain Hollywood hunk is hairless?  Make that SEVERAL Hollywood hunks – at least according to chrome-domed Michael Chiklis.  In an interview with Maxim magazine, he says, “More than half the current leading men don’t have hair.  They’re faking it.  I don’t have to name names, but just know that they either have attachments or full-on wigs.”  I won’t name names either, but there’s that guy I have loads in common with who is afflicted with a thinning crown.  There’s that television tubby (not the one you’re thinking of) who added as much to his scalp as he has to his waistline.  There’s that mega-funny man who has not only increased his wallet, but also the length of his remaining strands (now positioned to cover the growing bald spot).  And, finally, there’s that leading man who believes people can’t tell his new “do” is straight out of a can!

(via Filth2Go)

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