Who Wore It Better? Rebecca Minkoff: Stacy Keibler Or Ashley Tisdale [PHOTOS]

Pippa vs Lindsay
Who wore their Temperley gown best?
Stacy Keibler and Ashley Tisdale are both super beautiful, but when they both wear the same thing we’ve gotta know who wore it better!

George Clooney’s lady love, Ms. Keibler was spotted wearing one version of the Rebecca Minkoff spring 2013 dress last night at the opening of trainer Tracy Anderson’s flagship studio in Brentwood, California. Stacy paired the dress with beige heels and made sure to show off her sexy back! What about Ashley?

The former Disney star was spotted wearing a slightly different version of the dress yesterday while being interviewed for Extra. Instead of some strappy nude heels, Ashley opted for a pair of super crazy black heels from the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania line. Also, they’re both rocking the same hair. 

Alright guys, it is now up to you to tell us who you think wore it better? Will it be Stacy Keibler with her sexy back and flowing locks? Or Ashley with her kick-ass shoes and flowing locks? You decide and tell us in the comments below!