Who Is The Handsome Gent Behind Princess Charlene At LAX? [PHOTOS]

June 21st, 2012 // 2 Comments

At first I was pleasantly surprised to see Princess Charlene of Monaco in casual clothes at LAX today (June 21st).  Then I caught a glimpse of the man in her entourage and thought, “HULLO!”

On Tuesday (June 21st), Charlene attended the International School of Monaco’s graduation ceremony, according to HELLO Magazine.  There, she posed animatedly with students, joining them outside afterwards when they threw their caps in the air.

Thumbs up for America, your Serene Highness.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. cecelia

    It is her brother.

  2. One of her younger brothers.

    And he’s engaged/seeing someone, Irish model Roisin Galvin. (the blonde with him).

    The ISM Graduuation was NOT on July 21st, but JUNE 21st. Learn to proof read, please.

    If you were a decent journalist, you would’ve researched it a la google to find that out yourself and you would have proof-read before publishing.

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