Who Is Pierson Fode? Because He Has Very Nice Abs We All Should Be Staring At

Hot Shirtless Bodies of 2014
Well, the hottest shirtless bodies so far!
Umm, have you guys heard of Pierson Fode? Because I have not and I’m really regretting it. I mean, we’ve apparently even written about him before, and I still have no idea.

Well lucky for us, we all know about him now thanks to this very sexy photoshoot he did yesterday in LA. I mean, those abs. And he’s that kind of skinny buff that I really like. I know, I’m really in the minority with that.

Also, can we agree that it’s been a really good shirtless week? 

I mean, it’s only Tuesday and so far we’ve had James Marsden (hot stuff!), Ryan Phillippe (he looks good) and now this guy. I’m gonna have to keep my eye out for Pierson. According to IMDb he’s going to be in that new Victoria Justice movie–which is explains why we wrote him. Oh wait, that’s her boyfriend right? This all makes sense.

OK, someone is going to have to watch that movie with me so I can ogle his hotness. Luckily, we can launch the gallery to do that too. I mean, he’s got a great body, his face is nice and he plays with a puppy. What do you think of Pierson? Sound off in the comments below!