Who Is Going To Have Some Baby Bump Explaining To Do When Bikini Season Arrives? [Blind Items]

Her marriage may be in trouble, but it hasn’t stopped this Girl her from having sex! She’s pregnant. And with bikini season upon us, she won’t be able to hide it for long.

Now the big question is: Who’s the Daddy? Is it her hapless hubby or her business buddy? Fending off accusations about an affair should give her plenty to talk about this summer. (Blind Gossip)

We’ve got one more blind item for you! 

This Hollywood couple that everyone adores, have been together for a while now. They are starting to struggle in their relationship.

One of the partners admitted to a source that they feel like the relationship is only “maintenance stuff.” Her solution is to pay for a one night stand when she goes to Vegas in a couple of weeks. (via Buzz Foto)

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