Who Is Childish Gambino? [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

I am in love with Childish Gambino, as every level headed human should be. He is “down with the black girls of every single culture” (ugh hi, that’s me) and if we were to meet, we would instantly hit it off- I just know it! He is touring so I feel as though when he comes to LA August 10, he will immediately gravitate towards me after feeling my presence in the audience, and we would fall madly in love.

HA! But not really.

Either way I respect Childish Gambino, AKA Donald Glover, as a musician, to say the least. It is evident that Childish Gambino is more than a comedian, he is a hip hop-artist and he demands respect as one. Performing for a crowd larger than the well-known performers before him, Kaiser Chiefs, Childish Gambino mercilessly rattled the audience with his humorous yet insight raps on the Coachella stage April 14t.

Despite that his album, Camp, has been out for about a year already, I still find myself putting his songs on repeat. Songs like his uplifting rendition of his career,“Sunrise,” immediately capture the attention of all crowds. And “Firefly” definitely commands respect for his flow. It is evident in all his songs that he has previous experience writing.  *Note He did in fact write for NBC’s comedy 30 Rock. His repartee also includes pop culture references, a refreshing touch to rap seeing as these days rap artists usually constraint themselves by focusing on women’s finer parts. For instance, take a look at his song, “FireFly”:

But everybody thought it was jokes though

They half right, the joke is

I got flow so don’t act like

You ain’t sittin’ there with your friends like, it can’t be

I know Donald Glover, he weak man, he campy.

I’m still knocked down, but I up the ante

Me and hip-hop, that black Sid and Nancy. 

Donald Glover on the streets, Troy Barnes in NBC’s comedy Community, and now Childish Gambino as he delivers raps on stage. The triple threat is definitely going places, and quick like his raps. I wouldn’t be surprised if Coachella asks him to perform again, but next time as a headliner.

Check out the video to the song that helped put his name out there and view the gallery to see great Childish Gambino moments!