Who Is Channing Tatum’s Favorite Leading Lady? [PHOTOS]

Now you all might be thinking this is a given due to the fact that Channing Tatum is actually married to one of his beautiful starlets, but this answer might actually catch you a little off guard!

Read on to and take a trip down memory lane as we explore the movies of Channing’s past and the lady’s that stole some of the spotlight!

Option number 1: Step Up staring the brunette beauty Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum. This romantic dance flick steamed up theaters everywhere with it’s unconventional love story and sexy steps shared between these two love birds. If you didn’t already know after meeting on this set and hitting it off Jenna And Channing were later married!

Option number 2: Dear John starring the blonde bombshell Amanda Seyfried and Mr. Tatum. This book based movie was origionaly created by the romance god of authors Nicholas Sparks! If you didn’t see this film you NEED to, but I’ll give you a brief run-down. Amanda plays a sweet and compassionate humanitarian who isn’t looking for love until she meets Channing’s character. I won’t give away the ending but I will say there are some strong onset emotions shared here and that’s what makes this movie a must-see!

Option number 3: The Vow starring romance’s go-to girl Rachel McAdams and none other than Channing Tatum. This is a heartwarming love story based on true events. It’s undeniable that these two have such steamy onset chemistry. Watching Channing’s character pick up the pieces in this film gave hope to woman everywhere that their knight in shining armor was out there!

So drum-roll please, and the answer is…

Amanda Seyfried! Tatum said it was impossible to not smile and be at ease while on set with Amanda.