Who Gave Michael Fassbender A Great Piece Of Advice? [PHOTOS]

AFI Fest 2011
Michael Fassbender at the screening of 'Shame.'
Michael Fassbender is a busy coverboy, gracing both Interview and GQ UK.  The Golden Globe nominee spoke with InStyle UK about Shame, his new action flick Haywire, and keeping his finances in check.

On getting himself into a sticky wicket while filming Haywire: “There’s a breakaway vase that she smashes across my head. And I kind of made a bit of a balls there. The stunt guy was like, ‘Okay, when she picks up the vase, keep your head straight. Don’t look at it, because it’s coming right for your head.’ Of course, what did I do? I looked at it. I had a brain-fart or something, started looking at the vase. Next thing I know, the vase hit me in the face and everything just went like one of those cameras, you know? Pop! Whiiiiiiir! Everything went bright! Next thing I knew I was up and over the table. So that was funny.”

Who gave him the best piece of advice: Donnie Wahlberg told me, ‘Remember the three Ps.’ It was actually quite cool. We were doing Band Of Brothers and I had a small scene and he came up to me afterwards and said, “Well done in that scene. That scene could’ve ended up on the cutting room floor and you handled it well.” He said, “Just remember the three Ps. Patience, perseverance, practice.” I think that’s right. It’d be terrible if the piece of advice that was given to me I can’t even remember! But yeah, that was a nice bit of encouragement. I wouldn’t be in this position now if people hadn’t helped me. You need help, you know what I mean? You need somebody to give you a break or a piece of advice.

On watching them dollah bills: “Along the way, you learn certain things, like you learn to look after your money! In terms of putting it away and not spending it. I remember back in those days, when I was in Band Of Brothers, there was a lot of spending going on. Because tomorrow you’re going to get another job. But you never know what’s around the corner tomorrow. Keep an eye on your finances.”