Who Are Actors James Norton And Sam Reid? Because They Are Very, Very Attractive

One of the best parts of this job is that anytime I stumble upon a super hot, hottie, I can share him with you.

And today, I get to do just that. But with two hotties! Please meet James Norton and Sam Reid (James on the left, Sam on the right). If you already knew about these two fine specimens of men, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.

I discovered them today on the red carpet at the British Film Institute premiere of the movie, Belle

From what I can gather on the inter-webs, James is from England, has appeared in a few biggish things (including Rush) and I totally would have known who he is if I had finally watched Death Comes to Pemberley. Sam Reid is an Australian actor who has appeared in a bunch of stuff, most notably Hatfields & McCoys.

Basically you guys, these two a super duper fine and we should be looking out for them in the future. Especially Sam, who appears alongside Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in the upcoming film, Serena. So launch the gallery and appreciate these two hotties. And make sure to watch Belle, because it looks wonderful.