Whitney’s Auction Includes Other People’s Stuff

The recent court-ordered auction of Whitney Houston’s possessions in a New Jersey warehouse apparently include a number of iitems that reportedly did not belong to Houston. Page Six of the New York Post has the details about the sale, which was enacted by the warehouse owner, Michael Fuchs:

Fuchs decided to sell of the contents of the warehouse after Houston failed to make payments on the space. But sources say the priciest possessions – pianos, studio equipment and other instruments – actually belonged to members of Houston’s tour group. “A lot of the items didn’t even belong to her,” we’re told. “They were owned by backup musicians and small vendors,” who had either lent them or asked Houston to store them.

Now, what is the moral of the story here? Not to lend anything to Whitney. I’m sure the people who did just assumed that since Whitney couldn’t possibly smoke a piano, they’d be safe. But I can’t really blame them–I’m just as bad. I lent her a stretchy, gold lame, diamond-encrusted track-suit by Oscar de la Renta that I’m pretty sure I’ll never see again.

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