Whitney Working On Her Comeback Album

March 13th, 2007 // 1 Comment

Hell yeah! I’ve been waiting for this to happen WAY before Britney even knew what Red Bull was. Whitney’s actually setting foot into the recording studio today to get down to the business of her comeback album. Music powerhouse, Clive Davis, has already selected approximately seven songs for Houston to do, and she will be working with writer-producer, Johnta Austin. Austin most recently won a Grammy for penning Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together.” However, there will be obstacles, according to Fox News:

In any case, until someone hears her sing, no one will know for sure if continued drug abuse and smoking has harmed Houston’s famed voice. To that end, I hear she’s been working with a good vocal coach.

The fact that it’s taken you so long, Whitney, and we’ve been deprived of an unknown amount of albums during the time during which you were getting your crack on is simply not right. But it’s OK, cause on top of the fact that you’re going to make it anyway, it also allowed us to enjoy, “Being Bobby Brown,” and that, quite frankly, is more than OK.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Bunny

    Oh please please please let her make a come back. I am so not one of those people who prays for bitches that I don’t know directly simply because they are famous/and or I want to sleep with them.. but this one. I LOVE WHITNEY. I love her story, her bozonkaness and sweaty palms. I am so ready for her comeback…The only way it could be better if she came out. (I have no idea if she is gay but my lesbian ass would love that ish so much.)

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