Whitney Houston’s Sister-In-Law Explains Herself

When trying to decide how to get your junkie sister-in-law, Whitney Houston, to wake up and realize just how horrifically bad her life has become, it’s always hard to decide whether to go with an intervention or to sell the National Enquirer photos of her drug den and spilling the beans in a tell-all article. Bobby Brown’s sister, Tina, tries to explain her motivation for selling Whitney’s drug den pix last year in an article in Sister 2 Sister. From Starpulse blog:

Houston’s sister-in-law admits the singer’s drug use got so bad last summer it prompted her to get sober after years of substance abuse, and her tabloid tell-all has brought her and the pop star closer together than ever. Brown adds, “She called me and she was like, ‘You did it…’ We started talking and she started crying and was like, ‘Why did you do it?’ I was like, ‘Nip (Houston’s nickname), it’s gonna help you, man. When you see it, read it. Read what you do.'” Brown uses the interview with Sister 2 Sister publisher Jamie Foster Brown to dismiss reports she was paid $200,000 for taking her story to the Enquirer: “I’m broke now, so it couldn’t have been that much money.”

I understand she felt this was a way to get Whitney to see in print just how out of control her life had become, but I just find it interesting that the way she chose still involved getting money from the National Enquirer (even if it’s less money than $200,000). I guess when a celebrity cleans up, everybody wins!