Whitney Houston’s is Losing Her Greatest Talent of All

We had such high hopes for our forever diva, Whitney Houston, at the end of 2009 / beginning of 2010. Her new album screamed full-blown come back!

But, the multi-Grammy winning singer seems to be dealing with some rough pipes on her British tour, according to Pop Eater.

“She don’t want to come, my soprano friend,” Houston said to the audience, after croaking her way through the soaring section of “I Will Always Love You” this weekend at the O2 Arena in London, reports Pop Eater.

I’m saddened that Houston is having such a difficult time on her come back tour, especially with the legendary “I Will Always Love You.” Throughout the 1990s she made this song seem effortless and Pop Eater reports that she has been panting and struggling through these performances, which are mostly being carried by her back-up singers.

Also, although not the first time this year, the audience is walking out on her concerts!

Rumors are circulating that Houston is possibly using drugs again, but she adamantly denies and ignores these accusations.

I’m desperately waiting for the old Whitney to kick the door down and announce her presence. That has to happen soon with this diva… right?