Whitney Houston Will Always Be a Diva

As if we had any doubt in our minds, Whitney Houston will forever be a diva.

She smiled and waved with prestige at curious on-lookers while walking through Bribane International Airport. However, The Daily Telegraph reports that when learning that her silver Merecedes Benz was delayed less than two minutes to take her from the airport, Houston exclaimed, “This is b*******.”

HA! I can picture this class act right now.

Furthermore, when bus driver Tony Fulan suggested she take off her hat and sunglasses to soak in the beautiful
Queensland morning, Mr. Fulan claimed she told him to mind his own business and “get f*****”.

Whitney always looks a hot mess when traveling from airport to airport. I loved the mess on her head when she arrived in Washington last month, and she did not disappoint when arriving  at Incheon International Airport on
February 3, 2010, in Incheon, South Korea. I particularly like her standing in front of the promotional poster, which almost says “this is what I’m supposed to look like”.