Whitney Houston To Reprise ‘Exhale’ Role 15 Years Later?

September 18th, 2010 // 14 Comments

Whitney Houston spotted Friday, September 17th, at LAX, was all smiles and looking a helluva lot better in black than in whiteExaminer reported earlier this week that 20th Century Fox, has been shopping around the idea of the follow up movie to 1995′s Waiting To Exhale with, Getting To Happy.

One hundred years a go, I mean fifteen years a go, Houston made Waiting To Exhale with Angela Bassett, Lela Rochon and Loretta Devine.  The movie and book was a box office smash and a cultural phenomenon.

But really, can you see all four of these women, especially Whitney, come back to do the sequel?  I think this is one piece of literature that needs to remain on paper or get re-cast.  It’s sad but true that Whitney has lost the respect from the media and general public since the 90′s.  People are more likely to laugh rather than go see a movie Whitney Houston is a part of.  There hasn’t been a lot going her way lately, her European tour is failed and the stress from the tour has been quite visible.

By Caitlin Tadlock

  1. jayray25

    What a hater site! Just frigging reporrt the news. I think she looks good that’s why the shade because you can’t say anything about how she looks.

    Just because you may not want to see waiting to exhale 2 doesnt’ mean tha there isn’t a market. I would pay to see it and they better bring backthe original cast. Obviously you haven’t done your research or read the new book, the movie doesn’t work without the orginal cast and fyi, Fox has already bough the script and last time i checked over 2.5mil people bought her last album and Ms. Houston made over $40mil on her tour so stay pressed while she make bank, lol

    • thomrobinson

      i agree Mr.Jayray or is it rayjay……..come back is never easy….and fault could be found in all of us…but she is making bank…n credit need to be given where credit….is due.,……no one is perfect and sometimes missteps will happen if you don’t always have the right right people in your circle…..Whitney is great I appreciate her talent and her strength to even try to come back….with such a critical world.

  2. truthtelLS

    Lmao at the shade, what’s sad is a 20something year old blogger who don’t know their facts and are too lazy to research.

    Since the 90′s, Whitny Houston sold over 10mil of her album, My Love is Your Love WW in 1999

    In 2000, her Greatest hits went 3xpl in the US and sold over 10mil copies ww

    In 2002, she released Just Whitney which is platinum in the US and sold voer 2mil WW at the height of herproblems

    In 2004, she released, ‘One Wish’ christmas album with no video or promo and it’s sitting at gold

    in 2007, she released, Whitney: the Ultimate Collection in Eurote and it’s sold over 2mil copies and is 3xp in he UK alone, chump

    in 2009, she released, I Look to you and it’s sold1mil copies in the us, platinum and 2.5 mil worldwide

    so for an ‘irrelevant’ artist she’s killing the younguns with their re releases, 5 videos, promo all over the place and barely going gold in the us or barely going platinum and selling wood worldwide.

    This info is just from 1999 ti 2009, if you really wnet backto the 90s, you would have to include her blockbuster, The Bodyguard 25mil copies sold worldwide, I’m your baby tonight, 4 x platinum us, 7mil ww, The preacher’sWife, 3mil US, best selling gospel album at it’s time so don’t you feel stupid with the unesscary hate and misinformation

    Stop the hate, Whitney is doing well and making bank. She has a worldwide market and a base and just because it my not be you, doesn’t mean that other’s won’t turn out to see her.

    Loretta Devine just costarted in Lottery Ticket and Tyler Perry’s new movie. Janet hasn’t had an album sell in years and she’s doing fine in movies for being 43.

  3. fred

    They must bring back the original cast for this movie!
    Whitney’s European tour was financially very successful, grossing more than a lot of younger artists.
    Whitney looks amazing! She is positively glowing with health and is losing the weight that she gained on the tour due to steroids for an illness.

  4. Harris G

    The media isnt the paying public, so what if the media don’t like her. Whitney hates the media too, she knows they just show up to her shows and movies for free and they just are full of negative crap remarks. Whitney fans came out in the millions to buy her last album and we will support any new career move she makes.

  5. mrsoulshock

    I would pay again to see her in concert, and i would definitely pay to see her new movie

    @truthtelLS: the bodyguard actually sold over 40 million copies worldwide

  6. Jay D83

    WERQ IT WHITNEY! Lost that weight and now coming back to KILL!

  7. Géraldine

    Ok, what a shit! She looks briliant and healthy! I’m happy to see these pictures! A film would be great and a tour much better lol! I’m waiting for her and we’ll support her also the next years!
    And “journalists”… come on! Leave her alone! These articles are more than painful!

  8. wd76

    This article is full of B.S, and I suggest you get your facts straight before you start publishing lies on Ms Houston. Her tour grossed over $40mill, I doubt if this site is worth .40 cent.

  9. Tina

    @ geraldine: you think the article is painful???
    it´s definitely more than that !!! LoL

    whats the journalists name???
    honey, you have to do some research before…

    great that we´ve got people, in here, who NOW in comparison with YOU!!!

    and i surely would go to see the film…..

    Go Whitney and beat THEM ….

  10. queenmusic

    Can’t wait to see her in this movie- i’d see it and she looks pretty good,
    ummmhh, actually whitney record sales are still good- her last cd went platinum in the us and
    kerri hilson
    trey songz
    kelly clarkson
    mary j blige

    all have not sold more than she has so get your facts straigth
    you don’t see her much cause she’s not a fame whore and doesn’t come out but best believe she’s getting PAID

    her tour grossed more than Alicia keys
    Mariah Carey
    Trey Songz and Monica
    Carrie Underwood
    Kelly Clarkson

    but you are so busy hating, you didn’t check your facts

  11. Carmen

    Good to see her back. It would be awesome to see her as Savannah in Getting To Happy! I’d be among the firsts to buy tickets at the cinema to watch the film, just because of Whitney. Media can say whatever they want, they can’t hold her down!

  12. Luis

    I am GOING to say this despite your reaction…Racism isn’t always blatant with you colorful writers and bloggers and such…Why does ex-JUNKIE Robert Downey Jr. still have a career? How Charlie “Cant-stay-his-ass-outta-rehab Sheen”…quite possibly one of the WORST actors but they aren’t laughed at. Sheen looks like crap. Skin looks horrible; body looks week and YET whit AMERICA and the media keeps him lifted up? Right. Oh and let’s NOT forget the junkie of the century Lindsay Lohan..you all keep your fingers crossed for the little talentless TART but you GIVE WHITNEY a hard time…? wtf

    She crashed down; she stumbled; but DID not crumble…What’s in your wallet? Tyler Perry movies are NOT the greatest but he has an audience and SO does Whitney..While White Americans have turned their noses up at Whitney, her fans in the African American and Latino Communities and the GAY community still give her respect so trust me when I tell you..if the movie is sequelled correctly…done with the right direction and script…it won’t be any worse than Scream!!! That movie sucked but white kids went to see it anyway…

    You like what you like and others like what they like…You hate Whitney, that’s your business. See if you’re ever remotely as successful…

    You people are really funny…MORE white rockers and stars have effed up their careers with drugs and alcohol…Isn’t Heathe Ledger still dead? and Elvis too? Imagine that, Kurt Cobain…I mean give me a break…white stars drug out, drop dead and you still REGARD them highly…But Whitney and Michael are the scum of the earth? B.S. doesn’t even begin to cut it…

    Racist Bull is more like it…think about it. Your hate has nothing to do with ALL she has accomplished…it comes from a darker place and you’re using this venue to REALLY express your contempt against one of the MOST FAMOUS AFRICAN AMERICANS IN HISTORY…

    WTF have YOU done?

    • thomrobinson


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