Whitney Houston To Reprise ‘Exhale’ Role 15 Years Later?

Whitney Houston spotted Friday, September 17th, at LAX, was all smiles and looking a helluva lot better in black than in whiteExaminer reported earlier this week that 20th Century Fox, has been shopping around the idea of the follow up movie to 1995’s Waiting To Exhale with, Getting To Happy.

One hundred years a go, I mean fifteen years a go, Houston made Waiting To Exhale with Angela Bassett, Lela Rochon and Loretta Devine.  The movie and book was a box office smash and a cultural phenomenon.

But really, can you see all four of these women, especially Whitney, come back to do the sequel?  I think this is one piece of literature that needs to remain on paper or get re-cast.  It’s sad but true that Whitney has lost the respect from the media and general public since the 90’s.  People are more likely to laugh rather than go see a movie Whitney Houston is a part of.  There hasn’t been a lot going her way lately, her European tour is failed and the stress from the tour has been quite visible.