Whitney Houston Forgives Her Boyfriend


So, since Whitney got up out the crackhouse, she’s been dating Ray J. Ray J. , brother of Brandy and star of that sexy tape. The one with Kim Kardashian writhing in urine? Anyway, Whitney’s over it . She knows she’s not one to judge. Because crack is wack and she made too much money to do crack. Not according to those photos of her bathroom. *giving Whitney the fisheye*

Whitney Houston and boyfriend Ray J have reconciled their differences after a raunchy sex tape featuring Ray J and ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian was leaked online. The 43-year-old had been dating Ray J, 26, who is the younger brother of singer Brandy, for several months.

The couple’s relationship is reportedly back on track after the two spent a romantic weekend in Las Vegas together. According to veteran Hollywood gossip columnist Janet Charlton, the pair caused a frenzy when they walked the red carpet at Jay-Z’s party at Tao nightclub Saturday night, with the crowd getting so carried away at the sight of the pair, security guards were assigned to surround their table.

Ray J’s ex-girlfriend Kardashian showed up on the red carpet and posed for photos, but when reporters told her Ray J and Houston were inside, she decided against attending the party.

Smart girl. Whitney rolls violent. She had to put up with Bobby Brown’s scrub ass for far too long to have to now deal with some little ho trying to make a name off her young boyfriend’s piss prowess. Whitney would doff her wig, take out her hoops and start swinging. And smack Kim’s bff Paris off the melon for good measure.