Whitney Houston Is Cracktastic

March 30th, 2006 // 30 Comments

Thanks to the many people who sent in these photos yesterday (see our email issues post from earlier this morning).

We reported the downfall of Whitney Houston yesterday, and from these photos it looks like she’s living in an actual crack den. Check out all the photos and article from the National Enquirer.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Katie

    “I wanna do crack with somebody. I wanna inhale the fumes with somebody. I wanna do crack with somebody, with somebody who loves me!”

  2. katie

    Sing it, Whitney!

    “I wanna do crack with somebody. I wanna inhale the fumes with somebody. I wanna do crack with somebody, with somebody who loves me!”

  3. Girly Girl

    Well if you watched the damn show you didn’t need to buy the National Enquirer to know this was going on… and I will totally cop to some guilt now. I loved that show- it was as addictive as Whitney’s crack problem. But when you read that article d.c. posted (thanks!) it is just saaaaaddddd. I don’t think she’ll ever be able to dig herself out so long as she is with Bobby. And I love him- he’s hilarious- but together they just feed each others addictions…

    Wish I had something funny to say. But losing your kid and your home and your career and watching your life fall apart right in front of you and not being able to help yourself to stop is really not funny. :-(

  4. S. Haden Freude


  5. Rumor

    Sorry, but it’s not funny. She was one of our finest singers. And she is a black woman. I can’t laugh about it.

  6. my2cents

    I’ve said it before, been there. The picture of the bathroom is typical of what a crack house looks like. It’s a shame that she hasn’t found her way out of the vicious circle. That shit will take EVERYTHING from you, that’s for sure. It’s very sad. Drug addiction does not discriminate…it doesn’t care who you are…the rich and famous are not excluded. sad… :0(

  7. my2cents

    And, one more thing….this is NOT funny. Obviously, people that find this funny have no compassion. I don’t know anyone that says…hmmmm, let me go out and get hooked on drugs so I lose everything and become hopelessy addicted. It wouldn’t be so funny if someone you love and care about became an addict…it happens!

  8. William Sweeting

    I looked at the pictures, and I am just having a very hard time that this beautyful and talented young lady have fallen like this. What could have possibly driven her to this state, She came from a good family, I read some where that her mother had her checked into a rehab center, however, it seems as if that did not work. In my opinion, it seems that from the time she got involved with Bobby Brown it was down hill. It is all just so sad.

  9. GAbookworm

    It really isn’t funny. The real victim here is her daughter.

  10. C

    Very sad. People who don’t realize what kind of trouble she’s in should read the Fox News article. Shame on Bobby’s family for taking advantage of her like they have – shame on her friends and family for not stepping in to help sooner. It took Tina Brown, who was probably paid hundreds of thousands for the Equirer story, to show the world just exactly how bad it’s gotten for Whitney.

  11. StarF*cker

    Rehab Is For Quitters!
    Crack on sister!

  12. Silasdog

    Why does being a crack-head make you a slob too?

  13. Small Fry

    I don’t feel sorry for her AT ALL. She is 100% responsible for the mess she is in right now.

  14. Brie

    It is sad to see what has happened to Whitney Houston. Her family needs to step up and get her the help she needs whatever it takes. Maybe she’ll get help when she realizes she can lose her daughter for good. I’ve always loved Whitney, and I’m going to pray for her.

  15. jodroc

    In the 80s she was so pure and Madonna was the wild girl. No-one would have predicted this.

    But i just don’t get how friends and family can sell their story …surely the fallout is horrendous.

    What happened to the lesbian rumours?

  16. Josie

    Drug addicts turn into slobs because they are alive, but not in the here and now. They are going through the motions, but all they care about is getting high. And so the baby’s diaper isn’t changed, the house is a wreck, and the addict is totally self absorbed. Don’t expect an addict to be rational.

  17. marina

    I agree this is a sad situation. I remember when she came out with her first album. To this day I don’t know anyone who can sing like that. Whitney never did drugs until Bobby introduced her to it. Her parents have always blamed it on him. For a while after giving birth to the kid Whitney fought using drugs. I thinks it’s a shame she didn’t win thus far. We all know crack is very very addictive. However there is one Robert Downey Jr., very very talented actor, who I thought would never recover from coke and well he did. There is always hope for Whitney. While there isn’t much we can do, I intend to pray for her and I think the more people who believe in God pray the better for her.

  18. marina

    Regarding “I remember when she came out with her first album. To this day I don’t know anyone who can sing like that.” Actually that isn’t quite right. There is Tamyra Gray singing “House is Not a Home” on the CD “American Idol Greatest Moment” and yes listening to that performance Tamyra is as close to being Whitney as can be.

  19. acrossnsouth

    How I wish to God that I could do something to help her..but I am but such a small person.. with nothing great to give.. But Whitney, if you ever get the chance to read this.. I want you to know that If you ever need a friend, someone just to talk to.. You can always email me.. the gift of my time is all I have to offer.. I will keep you and all of your family members in my prayers, for it is not my place but my Father’s who judges you..Take Care and May God continue to shine his light on you… I love You… ACrossNSouth@yahoo.com

  20. C Mon

    How the hell does or did National Enquirer get into her bathroom???

  21. Dévora Paris

    I hope someone could help her with this. She needs a lot of attention, day and night, to be able to get out of this. I wait for a miracle, because selling her photographs will not help.

  22. las

    Someone needs to tell her straight out that if she doesn’t stop, she’s going to die. Soon. No softening it, no nicey-nice. DEATH.

  23. Diva

    There is a Star in all us. Whitney must see the True Star within herself. Unlike the Glistening Hollywood Light – Her Star shines Brighter.

    Unfortunately, she doesn’t see the value of herself only the value of her next high.

    She, like all of us, in times of crisis must Trust Truth and Build a Better Life on it (not Temporal or Life Wasting Addictions.)

    Truly, the main attraction is not Whitney or Bobby, but her Baby. She must do the right thing for that little angel, otherwise she could be effected or worst yet repeating mommy’s habits a few years from now. God bless them all.

  24. keith

    Hey she’s Just CRACKALICIOUS……

  25. tasha

    but thers juest one thing. if she wonts to stop doing the drugs no one can do it for her she has to do it for her self. the problum is that people need to mind there own damb bunisses and go on with there life because what that woman is doing has nothing to do with lots of us people. thats what i thik shit. aney body got somthing to say they can email me at at sexycutetasha At yahoo.com

  26. Ms. Kay

    I am so saddened for Whitney and only God knows what her family, let alone her mother, must be going through. To see such a blessed woman be taken down by drugs, is a sad thing. Only God can save her now. I pray for her family, It is my prayer that she takes the first step in admitting that she can no longer handle this life of self-destruction and confesses her need for help and strength and stop trying to handle this demonic situation alone. The Lord is THE ONLY ONE who can save her now. He knows EVERYTHING that she’s going through, but she’ll have to be willing to allow Him, once again, to come in her life, to heal, strengthen and make her whole again. I truly believe that she knows The Lord and she will be delivered.

  27. nickylove

    Whitney can recover from this. Already God’s healing love is working it’s magic. Christ died and resurrected – defeated death, disease and Satan and the powers of darkness, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Whitney believes in Christ – her behavior is seperate from her faith. If she overdoses she will be in paradise with Jesus, as long as she continues to profess her faith. The loss will be more ours than hers if she dies. My wife says it may be impossible for Whitney to stop, because then she must face the magnitude of what she has done. She is no longer in control. Having invited the beast in, he has taken over her physical, mental and spiritual being. You can see the demon on her face, and he (or she) wants only to debase and defile.

    The point is that Satan wants us to despair – he points to God’s own, like Whitney, and in her shame he says, “Why would you have us (the angels) serve this?” To the degree that God blessed and annointed her, is the degree to which he will drive her down. Satan’s arrogance drove him mad, and his hate drove him out of heaven and sealed his doom. But the victory has already been won. Believers, hold fast! God has not abandoned Whitney – she has turned from HIM! Salvation can still be hers if she would profess her faith in Christ crucified and reborn.

    Romans 8:35-39 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? [shall] tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  28. Slo


    Someone needs to step in and help Whitney Houston. Anyone who knows a crackhead, should realize the severity of Whitney’s addiction. Most crackheads are poor people who don’t have a lot of money to buy crack. And they are still very addicted! Whitney has been able to buy an unlimited amount of a very dangerous drug. 5 days in rehab that’s a joke. If you love Whitney, lock her up without a key for no less than one year (and that may not be enough time). She also must want to be off crack, which will only happen after some time clean. If you love Whitney it may be time for court intervention. Please dont forget Bobbi Christina!
    and for the record lets stop blaming Bobby Brown, Whitney was using drugs long before she ever met Bobby Brown. Am I the only one who saw her on Arsenio Hall way back in the day?

  29. aggy

    shame to bobby and his entire family!!! they should feel ashamed of themselves fokr doin this to her and especially her daughter for i believe she needs her mom the most at this tender age.

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