Whitney Houston Lives Here

November 17th, 2005 // 10 Comments

Let’s all drop by and give Whitney and Bobby a nice rum cake. The wonders of Google Maps bring us more celebrity homes.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. CityKitty

    According to this, Elijah Wood and Mickey Rourke live together. Sweet.

  2. green jeans

    She may live there as well, but for the most part her and Bobby live outside of Atlanta. I know someone who has been by “the house” I’ll see if I can find it out.

  3. CityKitty

    Brad Pitt lives with Mickey and Elijah too. How cozy!

  4. Robin F

    Uh, no… Whitney lives in Atlanta.

  5. chicakms

    Some of these celebs are dead.

    Quite a few celebs live near me, my dad is a mailman in Franklin Lakes, NJ where a few of them live.

  6. These are business adresses (manager or lawyers) or are bogus….I dont think Tom Cruise lives in an office park.

  7. chicakms

    It is possible that she has a place in Ft.Lee because she was originally from NJ, I’m sure she still has family here and needs somewhere to stay when she’s up here. I also heard that she lives mostly in GA.

    As for Ft.Lee for you non-Jersey/NY people it’s right on the Hudson River with an amazing view of the NY City skyline and if you live in a building with a view you can pay a few million.

  8. LARob

    Yeah. All of these addresses are for their agencies/managers/publicists offices. The one on the corner of Wilshire and Santa Monica is CAA.

  9. loveforwhitney

    This address is not for Whitney Houston’s home in NJ. She does have an estate in New Jersey but it is located in Mendham Township.

    Whitney and Bobby’s primary residence is in Alpharetta GA in a community called the Country Club of the South. This is the most beautiful community that I have ever been in and it is home to such celebrities as Whitney and Bobby, Usher, Bow Wow, etc. They have a gorgeous home there.

    They also have a condo in Miami.

  10. loveforwhitney

    The address listed is for Addecco Employment Services.

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