Whitney Houston’s Will: Who Is In It?

Bobby Brown
Houston's ex-husband outside her funeral.
Whitney Houston
Celebs tweet about the late singer.
Whitney Houston’s last will and testament was read in Atlanta yesterday (March 7th), according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Initially obtained by Inside Edition, the 19-page document was created by Houston in 1993 and then amended in April of 2000, and leaves all of her earthly possessions to daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.  

This includes cars, jewelry, money, furniture, clothing, personal effects.  The money will be placed into a trust for Bobbi Kristina, allowing her limited access until she is 30.

Bobby Brown gets nuffin, by the way.

Since Houston’s death on February 11th, her album sales have increased considerably (the Houston family has made nearly $700,000 since the late singer’s pass).  Cissy Houston is the executor of the will, while Houston’s brother Michael and sister-in-law Donna are trustees.