White Women Can’t Dance

July 29th, 2005 // 11 Comments

Or at least Jessica Beil can’t dance. Here, Jessica is showing off her dancefloor skills to the TRL crowd. Hilarity ensues.

(Images via that’s just not right)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Geigh

    “Or at least Jessica Beil can’t dance.”

    Who gives a sh!t?

    Obviously the interns are posting today.

    Why does a blog need interns?

  2. Nan Mora

    WOW Geigh what a hater!

  3. Ruby

    I am still baffled over why it is that people feel like they should comment to complain about a service they don’t pay for.

    It’s her blog, Geigh. Lighten up.

  4. doofus

    to be fair to ms. biel, it does look like she’s purposely “dancing” in such a way to indicate that she CAN’T dance.

    news flash…

    britney and christina can’t really “dance” either…they just have a choreographer tell them what to do. if jessica biel had one, I’m sure she could hold her own.

  5. ??

    so there is something other than acting that jessica beil can’t do!!

  6. Kat

    Well said, Ruby.

  7. Geigh

    Lighten up yourself.

    I thought the comment section was designed to comment. Oh, you want people to be nice on a gossip blog maybe? If you can dish it you can take it.

    If my comments offended you, you’re in the wrong business.


  8. journalistbbc

    i saw ms. jessica biel at the chelsea piers batting cages in nyc making out with chris evans…no joke! and then she arguing with someone on her phone.

  9. Ruby

    What business am I in that’s incorrect, Geigh?

    And no, your comments didn’t offend me; I found them to be annoying.

    And yes, you’re right. The comments section is for commenting. Look at us go.

  10. tacki

    Oh god, and those clodhopper pants do NOT help.

  11. Nan Mora

    MMMM actually maybe I should be in the business of gossiping than I can finally pay off my credit cards………..mmmmmmmmmm thanks Geigh

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