‘White Collar’, Here’s To The Beginning And The Future

Who loves White Collar? I do, I do! Why? “[‘White Collar’] isn’t dumbass television,” Willie Garson explained at a presentation of the show at the Paley Center For Media last night. Exactly.

With the second season gearing up some of the people behind the series took a look back at the beginning last night. Willie Garson, who plays Mozzie, the right-hand man to the charming con man Neal Caffrey (a well studied Matt Bomer) said “I read [the script] and really went after it hard.”

The shows writer and creator Jeff Eastin said that another actor going for the part even walked out in the middle of Garson’s audition since he was sure Garson would get the role.

Eastin also said he pitched the idea with photos of Leonardo DiCaprio cuffed to Denis Leary as a visual representation of the two leads, which clearly worked. Another interesting tidbit is the show was originally conceived to take place in San Diego and when it was re-tuned for New York Eastin had to use Google Street View to write the script.

The happy and fulfilled Bomer looked happy and hot on the red carpet among his costars.