White Collar Crime Never Looked So Good…

Almost the entire cast of White Collar were at the Paley Centre in New York this 08/06/2010 with a panel discussion about the recently renewed USA Network show. Tiffani Amber Thi…Kelly Kapowski did not show as she was busy being 9 months pregnant-Excuses, excuses! However the rest of the cast such as Matt Bomer, Tim De Kay, Marsha Thomason, Sharif Atkin and Willie Garson did show and delighted the room with charming details about the show and cast such as-the cast love filming in New York apart from the loud yet informative tour buses. Willie Garson (aka Stanford Blatch) explains,
   “And there to your left is the Empire State Building and to your right, the actor who was in Sex and the City”.

Other morsels of delectable information include the fact that Matt Bomer enjoys nothing more than getting obscure song’s stuck in the crew and cast’s heads during shooting. ‘Bomer?’, you say, “why should I care about this Bomer fella?”- Because, as Derek Zoolander would say, he is “really, really ridiculously good looking”. No really, take a look at the images below. The word chiselled exists solely to describe his face. Fellow nerds may recognise Bomer as the spy extradonaire Bryce Larkin in NBC’s Chuck, super nerds may recognise him from dire sci-fi show Tru Calling.

Either way, this show is worth a watch. It tells the age-old tale of a white collar criminal who agrees to help the FBI catch other white collar criminals using nothing but his wit, criminal expertise and devastating good-looks.