While Britney Spears’ Antics Spark Legistlation . . .

May 19th, 2006 // 16 Comments

. . . and while she struggles to hang on to her baby, what’s Kevin up to? Her husband hangs with Vanilla Ice backup dancer rejects.

Pop star Britney Spears has prompted California lawmakers to introduce a bill requiring parents to face their infants’ car seats towards the back of the vehicle if they are under one year old. Spears started another car seat controversy earlier this week, when she was photographed with her eight-month-old son, Sean Preston, slumped over in a forward-facing car seat. According to California motor-vehicle code, babies who weigh 20 pounds or who are less than one year old should have their car seats facing backward. Spears’ representatives insist that she did nothing wrong, since her son weighs over 20 pounds. Lawmakers hope the new legislation will clear up any confusion over the code by having any child under one year old facing backwards, regardless of weight. If passed, the new legislation would be called Britney’s Law, in honour of the pop star.

Up next, lawmaker are looking into passing a law in which you cannot carry a child who weighs 20 pounds or less while holding a glass of water and wearing abnormally long pants.

Spears Sparks New Legislation [contactmusic]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. me

    Baby boys tend to reach 20 pounds by about 6 months old, while baby girls don’t get there until around one year. Both of my sons, breast fed, were 20 pounds around 6 months. If the car seat says “20 pounds or one year old, whichever comes first”, and they don’t MEAN that, then they shouldn’t SAY that.

    I’m all for making fun of Britney, but on this one, she didn’t do anything wrong.

  2. erinmarie

    From looking at the pic it appears that the carseat was one that would be used for a toddler. I don’t think he’s a toddler yet. The carseat that she had couldn’t face backwards bc it had a flat back. Regardless,just bc Brit was/is a celeb doesn’t mean she can recklessly care for her child. Children Services offer classes to parents as do several hospitals and other facilities, some even for free. (Just in case K-Fed has spent all her money. The child is always the priority.

  3. las

    Not wrong legally, but definitely stupid.

    Nice to know that other unfortunate babies may not be endangered that way in future.

  4. jtalia

    am i the only one who thought for a split second that k-fed and that guy were holding hands when you first saw that picture on the top? cause it really wouldnt surprise me

  5. tinks

    Even when my daughter was older, and using a front-facing seat, I used a towel to keep her head from flopping over when she fell asleep, but then that’s something called COMMON SENSE. Also, if Britney knew anything at all about childrearing, she’d know that babies should not be in direct sunlight like that until after they’re one year old. Sigh… poor Sean P.

  6. papazoa

    There needs to be a law in honor of K-Fed banning crappy gangsta rap music from disturbing and corrupting a child.

  7. mommyof1

    me…that’s funny my son’s car seat doesn’t say that. all carseats that i’ve ever seen say child should be in rear facing car seat until the minimum age of 1, and 20 lbs. his doctor even told me, as well as the nurses.

  8. Brit needs to get out of sight for awhile and get her life together. She can start by dumping that trash she married. A learn to be a mother to her children.
    Donna A.


    K-FED has sympathy preggers, either that or it´s too much weed and spicy cheeto´s;) not eazy being cheezy folks!!

  10. MC

    She’s a new mother, and new mothers make mistakes. Nuff Said. Leave the poor girl alone already. You all act like you’re so fucking perfect!

  11. needlenose

    I’m not a Britney fan. But I think it’s time for people to back off the girl & her kid. If I had someone looking over my shoulder 24 hrs ago I’d screw up too. It seems to me the aim is to get her baby taken away from her or for her to kill herself- what a lovely position to be in. She needs to get out of this country and drop out of sight for 10 yrs or so.

  12. las

    It’s not hard to feel perfect next to Britney Spears. Yes, all new moms make mistakes, but few come close to killing the kid twice within a week, especially if they don’t actually have to do any work.

    If she wants to be left alone, she should hole herself up in someplace low-key. She doesn’t WANT to be left alone. She just doesn’t want anyone to blame her for her own stupid actions.

  13. las

    Small addendum: I defy any Britney fan to defend her without

    A) blaming all her problems on prying paps and fans
    B) defaming all mothers everywhere by claiming that all moms do the same
    C) insulting people who condemn Britney.

  14. kat

    why do they insist on calling her a pop star…..she is a pop has been. never had a shred of talent, just good marketers

  15. Small Fry

    Applause for Las!!!!!

    The girl just needs to stay home if she doesn’t want the attention. Nobody is forcing her to go to Starbucks, Taco Bell, out to eat, out to shop, etc. In fact she’s got loads of people who can do all that crap for her.

  16. todd

    Have you guys noticed Most of the people who put Brit down are girls?
    I read time and time again the people who are saying mean things are the girls! That means one thing,They must be the fat ugly NO hygiene No parenting skills,who hides behind there computer dogging people out all the time who needs a life “Skanks”! To bad for you..All you do is make your self look like the biggest SKANK OF ALL….Ha Ha

    At least She is there to raise her child……Unlike most people with money..You never see ki-fed taking the baby every where he goes…

    You girls are mean mean mean

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