While The ‘Big Time Rush’ Show Is Over, The Band Is Not

Big Time Rush Take Flight
The boys catch a plane in Hawaii!
Big Time Rush fans FREAKED out yesterday when an article published on The Huffington Post made it seem as if, along with the show, Big Time Rush the band was over and done.

Not so fast! The editors published a clarification to their article to calm everyone’s nerves. Here is The Huffington Post’s clarification… 

Hey Big Time Rush fans!

Over the past few hours, we’ve received thousands of passionate responses from you about this article. Kendall gave us a call tonight to talk about it.

The guys want to make sure you know that, though the show is wrapping up, they still have a lot of exciting musical projects coming up. (They can’t share details just yet, but will be able to share more with HuffPost Teen and you all later this year.)

Big Time Rush is still very much a band and Kendall wanted us to make sure you knew that!

The Editors

Whew! That would have been a double whammy that most fans couldn’t handle! Check out the gallery of the guys from Big Time Rush out and about in NYC yesterday.

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