Which R&B Singer Likes To Watch Himself?

July 29th, 2005 // 13 Comments

Bad pun intended. If you can’t figure it out, you can find out after the jump.

(via WOW Report)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. journalistbbc

    what a prick!!!!!

  2. A Boy and His Dog

    That’s the stupidest looking thing I’ve seen all day…
    Next to Tara Reid that is.

  3. Sigh. What a waste of skin he is.

  4. J

    That watch is suppose to be worth 6 figures ..I think. what a waste of cash.. ,but hey, he’s got it.

  5. mattdamon

    okay body but you’d have to cover that funny lookin monkey head

  6. Who would buy this

    Only Usher and his mom.

  7. ella

    By the title I was thinking R. Kelly (video tape)and the face on the watch is the color of urine, but only Usher would be that lame….

  8. *Micha*

    Could he not have found darker diamonds? Or does he have some kind of complex. He’s an amazing talent, a sexy man, intelligent, and all that… but he is not Canary… Champagne diamonds would have made more sense. And been a lot less Jackson family.

  9. Brian

    Schoolteachers barely earn a living but this overindulged moron can waste a small fortune on something so tasteless.
    That seems logical….

  10. kim

    *Shocker* What do you expect from someone who reportedly gets honey flown in from France EVERY morning…I’m tired of him…great tunes, but go…away…

  11. sadgurl

    sad to see that he can spend so much money on such silly meaningless possesions and yet we have children in our country and others that starve every day. can you imagine how many children he could have fed with just the watch alone??? sad to think about reality huh??

  12. Dee

    i absolutely love usher but this must be one of the stupidest things he’s ever done…it doesn’t even look like him! Does he give money to charity? i’ve seen n heard about loadz of other celebs donating money but i’ve never heard of usher doin the same. Still love him though, he’s got a really cute smile!

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