Which Pop Star/Actress/Designer Is Saying Fuck It

May 20th, 2005 // 7 Comments

Find out after the jump.

(Oops. Photos should now be visible.)

Jennifer Lopez is classy and gorgeous [The Superficial]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jennifer

    no picture is showing

  2. MissNee

    it’s someone in need of attention – jennifer lopez

  3. And undeniably edgy. Isn’t that what the rest of the t-shirt says right under her suggestive corset/bikini top?

  4. K

    Is it me or does she have that Madonna/Like A Virgin without the gel bracelets and 20 crucifix around her neck Look going on?

  5. miguelito

    thanks to the semi-corset thing, we cant see the arrow pointing down to her nether regions… if i’d married marc anthony, i’d too be in desperate need of a good fuck

  6. Those jeans are disgustingly CROTCH oriented. UGH. They bring back some serious memories of the skanky girls are the skating rink in sixth grade who made out on the dark benches!

    I generally like JLo but this outfit is God-awful.

  7. medea

    I so love her looks, but she needs hairspray now! She is a trendsetter, but too messy and too frizzy!

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