Which Hollywood Kid is on the Road to Trouble?

January 30th, 2007 // 11 Comments

Which teenage celebrity scion, herself a red-carpet veteran owing to her three famous parents, is on the Hollywood weight-loss plan? “She went into the disabled bathroom with six friends at [L.A. hotspot] Teddy’s Saturday night,” a witness tells us. They grow up so fast, don’t they? [Gatecrasher]

Which designer on a reality show is overdoing it with the scalp cosmetics to hide his thinning hair? Not only does it not look especially convincing, according to a gym buddy: “It’s been known to sweat down his forehead while he’s on the treadmill.” [Gatecrasher]

By Jessica Marx

  1. maureen

    Oh, that’s got to be Melanie G. and Don J.’s (and Antonio B.’s) kid–the rail thin one who shares cig breaks with Mommie

  2. AHO

    #1 The eldest Willis kid…Rumer?

    #2 no idea…

  3. TX

    #1 – Rumer Willis?
    #2 – Isn’t Michael Kors on Project Runway from time to time?

  4. kate

    it’s totally rumer willis.

  5. Amber

    Dakota Johnson has been on the red carpet longer because of her 3 famous parents. Rumer had more experience than Ashton before the first episode of “That 70′s Show” even started.

    I agree w/Maureen.

  6. I know

    It must be Rumour. I’m not surprised, especially after Perez and other bloggers called her fat. If I was 19 and could get a quick weight-loss fix, I’d probably do it, too. Beats being made fun of.

  7. ainsley mallett

    rumer willis. shes had her picture taken a few times out with lindsey lohan.. its pretty obvious

  8. LB

    1 Rumer Willis, 2 Todd Oldham?

  9. Shell

    1. Rumer Willis

    2. Ty Pennington? (Extreme Home Makeover”)

  10. JaneSays

    That’s definitely Rumer Willis, a well-known “friend” of La Lohan (who was not so discreetly boinking Rumer’s fugly, balding, in need of a sack lift dad, Bruce)! That’s not called growing up; it’s called wilding out!!

    I’ve no idea who the second person is. Is Tim Gunn considered a “designer”?

  11. HelenSparkles

    Rumer, poor thing has her father’s build & her mother’s chin…

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