Which Young Diva Sleeps With People For Publicity? [Blind Items]

She may have had a sleepover or two at this actor’s house, but this young diva is telling friends that it was all just for the publicity. When they asked her if she would seriously consider dating him, she responded, “Are you f*ing kidding me? I don’t even like the guy. Not my type.”

But she added that she wouldn’t hesitate to be seen with him again if it landed her some magazine covers. (via BlindGossip)

We’ve got one more blind item for you.

Which cooking/lifestyle star threw a major hissy fit when the first-class cabin ran out of fresh lemons for her hot tea? The decorating diva berated a flight attendant for handing her a packet of lemon juice and then complained how she would demand a refund on her ticket! (via NationalEnquirer)

Post your guesses in the comments below.

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