Which ‘Twilight’ Star Was Jon Hamm’s Prom Date?

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She plays Bella Swan’s mother in the Twilight series, got her big break as Nina Meyers in 24, and was Jon Hamm’s prom date.

Judging from above, I would say Sarah Clarke must be one attractive, talented and lucky gal.

The two met and attended prom as a couple in their native St. Louis, Missouri. Neither of them knew they would eventually grace both the big and small screen. Jon was interested in sports just as much as he was the stage while it took Sarah until her senior year of college to decide to enter the industry.

Now, Jon has a lead role in the Emmy-winning televisions series, Mad Men, has hosted SNL three times, and has been in multiple films, most notably as Kristen Wiig’s asshole boyfriend in the Oscar-nominated film Bridesmaids. As we have already discussed, Sarah had steady work in TV and film, but made it big once she was cast in both 24 and Twilight.

How did this little known secret get out? We all know the story about how Ben Affleck and Matt Damon met at age ten and grew up a block apart, so why have we not heard of this connection yet?

Well, the Mad Men star finally brought it up just days ago in casual conversation to Keifer Sutherland who has worked closely with Sarah on 24.

The surprised Kiefer had a good laugh.

“That’s hysterical,” he said. “I’m just trying to picture you dancing because she’s quite a short girl.”

Sarah is only 5’4″ while Jon is 6’0″. In response to Kiefer’s jokes, Jon said that it, “worked out fine.”

I bet it did! Sarah, who is only 5’4″ and Jon would have made quite the attractive high school couple. I guess it really is a small world after all.

Watch Jon reveal his prom date below.