Which TV Show May Be Undergoing A Major Cast Overhaul? [Blind Items]

This network is pretending that they are totally satisfied with their casting choices for this television show. It’s a lie. Ratings aren’t great, and they are already planning a shakeup. One of the new cast members (who isn’t stirring up enough controversy or fans) is out, and one of the old cast members may be back in (they are negotiating now).

Of course the network is denying all of this. They don’t want to give the newbies any reason to dial down the peripheral promotional work that constantly has to be done for the show, and they don’t want the old cast member shooting off their mouth. (via Blind Gossip)

One more blind item after the jump. 

Which newlywed talk-show host has her husband on pins and needles with cheating fears? She’s admitted to blacking out after taking the sleep aid Ambien, and then waking up to find herself on dating websites! Her two kids are even aware of her sleep-chatting habits. (via National Enquirer)

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