Which TV Actress Inadvertently Got Caught Up In A Gang Altercation? [Blind Items]

This C list television actress from a network drama, was riding her bike recently in LA. She noticed an altercation between several teenage kids and stopped her bike and decided to confront the teens. Turns out they were gang members and had weapons.

She was able to diffuse the situation and ended up talking to the teens for a while and joked around with them. She is very lucky it didn’t turn out differently! (via Buzz Foto)

One more blind item after the jump. 

Which legendary singer is so addicted to Popeye’s Fried Chicken that she had it delivered to a recent red carpet event? The aging Grammy winner mortified guests when she sat in a swanky hotel lobby chowing down on the greasy chicken straight from the box! (via National Enquirer)

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