Which ‘True Blood’ Hunk Enjoys Flexing His Muscles For The Boys? [Blind Item]

Which one of the True Blood (check out the season 5 sneak peak after the jump) hunks gets a huge kick out of working out at a West Hollywood gym in front of its mostly gay clientele? The gorgeous star says he’s straight, but he enjoys flirting and flexing his muscles for the appreciative boys SO much that tongues have been wagging! (via National Enquirer)

We’ve got a second blind item for you after the jump! 

This former TV sitcom star from the ’90s is trying to make a career comeback, but is working overtime trying to save her dr*g-addled co-star? The actress in question had her own add*ctions and has been s*ber for years – and now she’s finding it difficult to stand by and watch the star of her new show throw it all away. Who are they? (via National Enquirer)

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