Which ‘Star Trek’ Actors Are Feuding! [Blind Items]

We’ve got three items for you today.

1. A feud is brewing aboard the USS Enterprise! Two actors currently filming the untitled Star Trek sequel have been at each other’s throats. The pair got along on the first film, but they’re bigger stars now and bigger divas! Who are they?

2. Which Grammy winner’s marriage ended because his young wife desperately wanted kids and he was dead-set against it? The New York-based singer-songwriter is already a papa of one, and refused to have more kids. So his wife flew the coop!

3. This reality show mom stole money from a relative to put her daughter through dance class. The thieving stage mom’s family is livid with their greedy relative and on the verge of pressing charges! Who is she?

All items via National Enquirer.

Leave your guesses in the comments below!

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