Which Oscar Winner Has Issues With Women? [Blind Item]

Let me tell you about this man who is an Academy Award winner. No fussing or messing about determining whether he is a nominee or winner. He is a winner. He is also alive and not that old. I would say that most of you would have dated him until you read about him right here. A bo*zer of epic proportions, he is apparently generally a nice guy until he gets some bo*ze in him. Over the years he has destroyed not only his share of marriages, but also put dates into the hospital and paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep himself out of the spotlight.

Back in the day he was friends with this foreign born actress. She is an A lister too as much as it pains me to say it. They would always hang out and would always be spotted together doing promotional work together. Then one day they went out and he got drunk and she got tipsy and he s*xually ass*ulted her. She had been recently divorced and he had been in and out of the news. They had been spotted together several times and things were going well until then. They have never spoken since. Not once. 

One time he broke up a celebrity marriage. That relationship crashed and burned quickly because he would drink and regularly be*t the B list movie actress. She had to cancel a publicity tour for a movie because our actor be*t her so bad.

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He has gone to reh*b numerous times and producers have threatened him with banning him from giving him big roles but he is just too good of an actor and too big of a star to keep him away. Producers and studios will take him regardless of his issues. In his current relationship, he poses with his significant other when he has something important. He has to pay her. She has long ago given up on anything pretending to be normal. He has be*ten her. One of their kids came when he forced her to have s*x. She hates him too, but is willing to swallow her pride for the money.

He once tried to s*xually ass*ult another Academy award winning actress. She managed to be*t him off and kicked him in the b*lls. She then told her husband who continued the be*ting. They had to stop shooting on the movie for a week to allow him to recover. The crazy thing is the guy who be*t up our woman be*ter still worked with him again even after he had tried to r*pe his wife. How messed up is that?

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