Which Of Micaela Schaefer’s Nearly Nude Looks Is Worse? [PHOTOS]

Vajazzle Yoself!
'TOWIE' star Amy Childs introduces her new line.
Oh my, this is a difficult one.  Here I thought that German model Micaela Schaefer looked like a fool at the German premiere of Men In Black 3 on May 14th.  Hell to the no!

Today (June 6th) in Berlin, Schaefer turned her boobs into a pair of soccer balls, then vajazzled her nether region (or “Lady garden” as OK! described it) with the German flag.

Why so dressed up, you ask?  Schaefer is rallying fans for the Euro 2012 championship at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany on Friday.  What better way to get Europeans in the mood than to invite one and all to tune in, especially Americans who, until just now, didn’t care that the euros were playing soccer again.