Which Of Her Daughters Is Kris Jenner Telling To Lose Weight [Sexy Six]

April 25th, 2011 // 1 Comment
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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. madmom

    what kind of no good evil mother tells her daughter that she is ruining her business because of her weight? kris jenner-thats who. lets remember that the only reason kris jenner has this “business” is only because of her children and those childrens lives. a true mother loves her kids no matter what. i could understand a little bit if kloe was unhealthy but she is not. kris jenner came down on kloe’s weight and NEVER once mentioned it had to do with her health, kri’s only concern is only about appearances and its because of kloe not being skin and bones ugly thin. just because kloe is not skin and bones her mother is ashamed of her? wow!!!!! kloe, i think you are beautiful and dont need to change anything about how you look. kris jenner…YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO HAVE THE FAMILY THAT YOU DO-YOU OVER PRIVALEDGED, WHINEY, DO NOTHING, LIVING OFF OF OTHERS SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!! the next 2 youngest girls should be taken away from you before you do the same thing to them. get a soul and a life of your own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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