Which Male Stars Of A TV Show Had An Ongoing Sex Competition? [Blind Items]

It was one of those television shows that everyone seemed to love. OK, maybe love is too strong of a word. It was watchable and made better background noise than most shows. Plus, it was on the air for quite some time so it became comfortable, like that pair of shoes you never stop wearing despite all the ones in your closet that are probably better.

Anyway, the show featured several men and they were always competing to see who could have sex with the most people each week the show taped. At first that was fun, but they realized they were fast running out of people to have sex with and decided to take things up a notch. The actors all still work although only one continues to be really successful while the other is middle of the road C+ list and one of the others is way down at the bottom of the D list, but h is famous for a whole different kind of reason. 

Anyway, in order to keep things interesting on a set which provided not much adult companionship, the actors would come up with different ways to get points based on who you had sex with or where. One actress who was on the show for some time thought she was entering into a serious relationship with one of the actors until she finally realized h was just having sex with her in the strangest places to win the contest for that month. She is also a solid C+ lister to this day and still gorgeous.

This went on for a few years and whether the actors were in a relationship or not, it didn’t matter, they kept at it. The one thing thy always wanted to do was forbidden to them, but they did manage to kind of do what they wanted to do at the time, but in a more adult way. They each picked their crush and the writers made it happen.

Later, after the show went off the air, the points system was still in place and they pooled together their money and offered $100K to the first person to have sex with the forbidden. All of them No points for not getting them all. The fist forbidden was tough because she was involved with someone. At some point they all eliminated her from the contest, although one of the actors says he did make out with her. The second was easy and they all had her. Kind of disgusting if you think about it. The third? Only one of the actors was able to pull it off and only by spending a lot of money on drugs. In fact, the other actors gave up the chase because they grew up and moved on, but this actor never lost sight of what he wanted and he got it. Burned a very big bridge but he got it all in one night. The last stage of the forbidden. (via Crazy Days And Nights)

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