Which Hollywood Gay Couple Is Headed For A Split? [Blind Item]

Hollywood could be gearing up for the next big divorce. This gay couple has been together a long time and they’ve already started a family. They seem like the picture of happiness. Here’s the surprising part – the LESS famous half of the pair is cheating with a twentysomething midwestern stud! He flies the hot young guy around and puts him up in hotels and sneaks out to see him when he’s not parading around with his “happy gay family.” During Oscar week he spent every spare minute with his muscular paramour.

(Via Janet Charlton)

We’ve got one more blind item for you. 

This C list actress from film only recently, hosted a party for her boyfriend’s birthday. She invited several of her costars from her latest film that came out in late 2011. She and her costar (a B+ actor) both had a little too much to drink and ended up making out on the couch in front of everyone, including the boyfriend.

(Via BuzzFoto)

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