Which Franchise Actor With A Girlfriend Has Been Spending Way Too Much Time With His Buddy? [Blind Items]

This franchise actor has publicly denied that he is gay. He is even occasionally photographed with his girlfriend. However, he also has a new “boyfriend” in private. The “boyfriend” is the son of two celebrities and is accomplished in his own right (and, luckily for him, looks more like his mother than his father).

We call him a “boyfriend” because we don’t know for sure if the two men are intimate. However, for two guys who are not in the same business and who live far away from each other, they sure are spending an awful lot of time texting and calling and visiting together. 

In fact, it’s as much time as the actor spends with his current girlfriend! If the actor is gay, do not expect him to come flying out of the closet any time soon. In the meantime, these two men certainly do make a very cute couple! (via BlindGossip)

Plus, one more quickie blind item!

Which A/B list, married actor with children was influenced by Banksy after watching “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and spent an entire weekend a few months ago, in LA with street artists tagging up the city? (via BuzzFoto)

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