Which Celebrity’s Unruly Youngster Is Being Kept Out Of Public View? [Blind Items]

We used to see this child out all the time with their parents. These sightings provided lots of photo ops of normal parent/child stuff, usually with the mother, but often with the father.

However, lately, the child has been missing from public view. We hear it’s because the child has become uncontrollable in public. They are hitting, kicking, and don’t want to be touched. They have also been heard screaming at one of the parents, “You’re not my real mother/father!” (via Blind Gossip)

One more blind item after the jump. 

Which ex-boybander picked up a guy who was thrilled about it until the next morning because, as the guy relates: “He was singing show tunes in my shower! I just wanted him to f*cking leave!”? (via Village Voice)

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