Which Celebrity Mom Dissed A Bigger Celebrity Mom For Being A Bad Mother? [Blind Items]

These two celebrity mothers got together for a playdate with their toddlers recently. One mother (the bigger star) still uses a pacifier for her child, even though the child is out of diapers.

As soon as she left the activity, the other star called up all of her friends to gossip and tell everyone what a “bad mother” the bigger star was because of this. (via Buzz Foto)

It is NOT Suri Cruise.

One more blind item for you. 

The first blind item today is about this woman who was recruited from a competitor network. She got her job because she was having an affair with the married president. Every time he wanted to be with her, he would call his wife and tell her he was working late. How original!

Everyone in the building knew about the affair, but the chatter really ramped up when he hired her to star on one of the network’s shows.

Yes, everyone knows. Well, except for the wife. She seems to be pretty clueless. Even though she works in the same building. (via Blind Gossip)

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