Which Celebrity Couple Is Going High Secrecy For Their Summer Wedding? [Blind Items]

These two celebrities (one more famous than the other) will be getting married this summer. The wedding will be held at a resort, and all the top-secret preparations are being made using code names.

The bride is concerned about the weather (she has other concerns too, but this is the one on which she is currently focused) . She doesn’t want it to be too hot to hold the ceremony outdoors. Right. Good luck controlling the weather.

The ceremony and party will be rather small and intimate by Hollywood standards (under 200 people), but the couple is definitely not scrimping on the arrangements. They are paying for more than one private plane to whisk guests in for the event, and the resort will be practically shut down to allow for total privacy for the bride and groom and their guests. (via Blind Gossip)

One more blind item after the jump. 

Which Oscar-nominated actress had a bathroom hookup with a bearded man she just met at the Beverly Hills Hotel? When the now B-lister, whose brother is also an actor, walked out of the men’s restroom with her hair a mess, lipstick smeared AND severe beard burn on her face, her friends shouted: “Get a room!” She fired back: “I don’t need one now!” (via National Enquirer)

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