Which Celebrity Couple Has A Klepto Kid? [Blind Items]

This famous celebrity couple may have a little klepto on their hands! Every time they take their childrren shopping, they seem to emerge with an item that wasn’t paid for.

Usually it is a small item that can be easily tucked in a pocket, but occasionally it has been something larger that the child has placed in one of the shopping bags with which they entered.

To the couple’s credit, they (or a member of their staff) always return to the scene of the crime with a sincere apology and payment. It does make us wonder, though, at what age does a child know that taking something without paying for it is wrong? 

This particular child seems too old to be doing this accidentally. And if you give a child the item that they “stole”, does that give them a sense of entitlement and make them more likely to do it again? We’ve got our eyes on you, little one! (via Blind Gossip)

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